Dimensions of trailers are: 3x2x2,2m; 3,5x2x2,2m; 4x2x2,2m; 4,5x2x2,2m
5x2x2,2m; 5,5x2x2,2m; 6x2x2.2m
Furnished trailer includes: trailer with one axis with breaks, furniture, installation of electricity 230v 16 ampere,water system(waterpump for hot and cold water)sink, takn for sewaga water, big selling window,door,light on the ceiling,flooring material, 3 keys

Unfurnished trailer includes:  trailer with one axis with breaks, selling window, door, 3 keys.

The color of the trailer is white. It is possible to laminate the trailer.
Trailers can be made of sandwich panels (40mm) or plastic panels (40mm).
Trailers have CE and COC certificates

guarantee is 1 year


Prices include installation
* Additional axle without brakes
* Additional axle with brakes
2m powerful turbines
3m powerful turbines
* Extra lighting
* Additional sale hatch
* Additional door
*Stainless steel to table or wall 1m/m2
*Over pasting with graphic design, laminated 1m2
*Air Conditioned
*Oil Filter
*Electrical installation 230V 16 amperes (4 double plug-in)
*Electrical installation 400V 16 amperes (4 double plug-in)
*Plexiglass to sale hatch 1m2
*Water system(warm water, cold water, 3 compartment sink
*Additional Width (to 2.40cm)
*Toilet room(door and walls)
*Gas network
*Led light
*Freezer chamber(-18*C) or Cold chamber(+4*C) + compressor

Designed by PKGrupp